Swedish energy group Vattenfall has decided not to proceed with planned sales of combined heat and power plants in Denmark.

“We are content with the divestments made during 2011 and the first quarter of 2012, which brought in SEK37 billion ($5.6bn),” Vattenfall CEO Oystein Loseth said.

Vattenfall owns three large coal-fired combined heat and power plants in Denmark: the 660 MW Nordjylland plant in Aalborg, the 675 MW Fyn plant in Odense and the 410 MW Amager plant in Copenhagen.

Instead of selling them, Vattenfall said it was looking at converting them to co-fire biomass to cut CO2 emissions.

In June Vattenfall sold its 60 MW gas-fired Helsingor combined heat and power plant in northern Denmark to Forsyning Helsingor for an undisclosed sum.

Vattenfall said then that the sale was is in line with its strategy of reducing its CO2 exposure and focusing on its core markets in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands.

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