U.S. power plant operators to install 110 emissions control units

NEW YORK, April 4, 2002 — U.S. power plant operators will install 110 pollution-control devices over the next decade, potentially spending more than $5 billion, to curb ground-level ozone levels in the eastern US, according to a new Energy Argus report.

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) units, already installed on 18 coal-burning power plants, cut emissions of harmful nitrogen oxides by 75-80 percent. Under sunlight, nitrogen oxide turns into smog.

Federal clean air rules are forcing coal plants in the Midwest and Southeast to reduce nitrogen oxide output sharply beginning in May 2004. Utilities are expected to install the bulk of these new devices by then.

The estimate is based on information published by Energy Argus in its new SCR Report, a database of the devices installed, planned or under construction in the US.

Energy Argus Inc., the youngest company in the Argus Media group, is the publisher of Air Daily, the emissions market and regulatory newsletter. More information is available online, at www.EnergyArgus.com.

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