All news and project announcements relating to coal fired project, plant and equipment upgrades, resulting in greater efficiency and control, as well as reduced emissions.

UK confirms coal-fired power closure plan

The UK government is to close coal-fired power plants not equipped with carbon capture and storage technology by October 2025, according to a statement by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

New transatlantic company to serve coal power generation

A new, transatlantic partnership is set to deliver efficiency and environmental benefits to power station operators by utilising the very latest computer modelling techniques.

Chinese investment continues to facilitate Bosnian coal-fired power

Two Chinese companies are behind the latest joint venture to build a coal-fired power plant in Bosnia.

Success of low carbon technologies expounded at POWER-GEN

The head of Mitsubishi-Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Paul Browning, heralded an unstoppable drive towards the use of low carbon technologies, while unveiling the company’s first 65 per cent efficient combined-cycle gas-fired power plant, during a speech at the POWER-GEN conference in Las Vegas.

GE hails India coal plant modernization

GE Power Services has announced the results of a steam turbine modernization project at the Ukai power station in the Indian state of Gujarat. 

German gas-fired power output up 13 per cent

The German energy lobby group, BDEW, has released data showing that gas-fired power output has risen 13 per cent for the first three quarters of 2017.

UK Public Accounts Committee slams government over Hinkley Point nuclear deal

The pricing arrangements made in connection with a deal to build the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant have come in for criticism by the UK’s Public Accounts Committee.

RWE re-opens gas-fired power plants

RWE is de-mothballing another two of its gas-fired power plants in advance of the coming winter, while the outlook looks less positive for its coal-fired power fleet.

Germany may be forced to trade emissions abroad to meet CO2...

The German government is facing up to the prospect of not meeting its 2020 carbon emission reduction goal, and is mulling the possibility of investing in carbon reduction abroad, to compensate.

Germany’s ‘Jamaica Coalition’ moves closer as greens agree compromise

Germany’s Green Party has agreed to compromise its initial position on coal power and fossil-powered cars in a bid to help form the country’s government with two other parties.

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