UK peer backs energy efficiency to keep the lights on

Lord Redesdale, head of the Energy Managers’ Association, in the UK says the country’s best hope of avoiding power black or brown outs is to back the use of energy-efficient technology.

The peer told City AM, “I wholly expect blackouts or brownouts this winter. Last year, there was a capacity margin of just 1.5 per cent in London. Last month, National Grid asked firms to reduce their power demand immediately, issuing a demand-side balancing reserve (DSBR) notice.”
City of London

“This was in the third mildest November on record. We do not have enough generating capacity, especially as coal power plants are closing, with two more to shut down in March.”

Redesdale told the newspaper that government cuts to renewable energy development and the gap in time before new nuclear plants come on stream means an alternative must be sought.

“There is a solution to the energy shortage, namely energy efficiency.”

“The UK wastes 40 per cent of its power. Companies could make these savings but there is a major lack of energy managers and investment. The UK’s energy security rating has been downgraded: time to get out the candles.à‚ “

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