Due for completion in late 2014, Cofely Energy Services’ energy centre will provide Rampton Hospital in Nottinghamshire with hot water and electricity.

RamptonThe facility’s existing coal-fired boilers will be replaced by a 1-MW biomass boiler, a 1.2-MW CHP engine and three high efficiency dual-fuel boilers which will run largely on gas.

To improve efficiency and safety, Cofely said, the site will convert from a high temperature (115°C) hot water system to a low temperature (90°C) hot water district heating system.

The new plant will meet all of the hospital’s heating and hot water requirements as well as 87% of its total electricity demand, and will cut CO2 emissions by around 8000 tonnes per year, allowing Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust to meet the UK government’s 2020 target of a 34% reduction in carbon emissions five years ahead of the deadline.

The energy centre’s projected cost savings amount to £112,000 (US$183,000) per year.
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