The UK’s planning inspectorate is expecting two separate applications for gas-fired peaking power plants in the first quarter of next year.

Both gas-fired plants are to be 299 MW in capacity and are designed to provide backup power complementing intermittent renewable energy sources.

Planning Inspectorate UKAbergelli Power Limited is expected to submit an application for a plant near Swansea in Wales, while Millbrook Power Limited is expected to file one for a plant in Bedfordshire, England, according to Reuters.

The moves come at a time when many gas-fired power stations are being mothballed because coal has become more profitable to burn for electricity generation than gas.

However, Britain is increasing its share of renewables in the energy mix, and peaking gas-fired plants are one way to ensure stable generation.

A statistic illustrating the nature of power generation in the UK came from EnergyUK yesterday, when a 24-hour view showed gas at 40.7 per cent, coal at 20.9 per cent, nuclear at 24.3 per cent, wind at 2.1 per cent, hydro at 1.4 per cent and imported power at 7.3 per cent of the nation’s energy mix.

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