The future of the conventional power plant in India

Streaming on-demand: 14th April 2021

00h30 New York | 04h30 GMT | 05h30 London | 06h30 Amsterdam | 06h30 Johannesburg | 10h00 New Delhi | 12h30 Singapore | 14h30 Melbourne

How is digitalisation transforming the conventional power plant operations of today for a cleaner energy future?

What is the outlook of Coal-fired Generation in India over the next decade or two?

Watch this session to find answers to India’s most pressing energy issues.

Sharing his exclusive insights is Mr. K Raja Gopal, CEO & Whole Time Director of Reliance Power. Gopal is currently spearheading an operating portfolio of about 6,000MW with thermal, solar and wind projects including Sasan UMPP, which is the world’s largest integrated coal mine and power project holding a number of performance and safety records in power generation and mining.

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