Oct. 17, 2000 (IndustrySuppliers.com) —The Thai Government plans to approve the coal fired power plants Hin Krut and Bor Nok, to promote use of coal and minimise dependence on the expensive natural gas for energy.

The Union Power Development Co (UPDC) will invest 1.2 billion baht in Hin Krut to produce 1,400 MW of power and 800 million baht in Bor Nok to produce 700 MW. The increasing oil and gas prices will make Egat, their energy supplier, concentrate on rich reserves of cheap fuel-coal.

EGAT is expected to spend 130.77 billion baht for power production this year. The average energy production cost per unit is 1.17 baht based on natural gas and 0.84 baht for coal.

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