Tesla battery to help beat California blackouts

Tesla is to supply 20 MW of grid scale energy storage to Southern California Edison as part of a comprehensive effort to prevent blackouts by replacing coal and gas-fired power generation with lithium-ion batteries.

The grid storage project is being turned around in less than four months and is set to greatly benefit the state following theà‚ biggest natural gas leak in US history, which took place last autumn.
Elon Musk of Tesla
The Powerpacks, worth tens of millions of dollars, will be operational in record timeࢀ”by the end of this year.

Bloomberg reports that the turnaround time in providing the technology indicates the maturity of energy storage development at the moment.

In total megawatt hours, the Tesla batteriesà‚ will make upà‚ the biggest lithium-ion battery project in the world, though it will soon be surpassed by others under contract, according to data compiled by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

To alleviate the risk of blackouts, regulators orderedà‚ the installation of systems toà‚ store electricity when demand is low and deploy it when usage spikes, especially during the winter heating season.

The regulation was accelerated following the natural gas leak at Aliso Canyon.

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