The government of Tasmania have opted to reactivate an old gas-fired power plant in a bid to keep its power infrastructure alive, while a vital power link with Australia is repaired.Tasmania Basslink cable

The Basslink power and communications cable had been used to import 30 per cent of the island’s electricity from coal-fired power in Australia, with clean hydroelectric power going the other way.

But the cable has been broken since December and drought has continually diminished Tasmania’s hydropower dams, leaving the government with no option but to reopen a gas-fired power plant, as well as accept 200 diesel generator shipped in from the mainland.

The Basslink repairs starting over the weekend, but are expected to take months to complete, while dam levels are continuing to plummet from 15.5 per cent capacity towards a record 14 per cent low.

The government is also investigating whether dam levels have been driven down by Tasmania’s selling clean power to the mainland, with hydroelectric energy being exported right up until the Basslink cable breakage.

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