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Task force advises UK to use shale gas revenue for CCS

A shale gas industry task force is recommending that revenues from the industry be used to fund the development of carbon capture and storage projects.

The British government has made no secret of its intention to back shale gas as a means of increasing overall energy security and independence but according to the task force it will need to develop CCS to make sure it can still meet emission reduction targets.
Shale gas wells Lancashire
“If a shale gas industry begins to develop at scale, CCS will become essential, and a CCS industry should be developed and grown concurrently,” it said.

Chris Smith, chair of the task force, said it will take 4-5 years before any shale gas is extracted and that by then CCS technology should have progressed.

Britain’s government has committed one billion pounds for two CCS projects, one on a gas plant and one on a coal plant.

The report also said pilot studies should be set up to get a full picture of how many emissions are generated during the extraction process. It goes on to recommend a “green completion process” becoming mandatory on all fracking wells to capture methane releases.

The task force was set up last year to examine the risks and benefits of shale gas extraction and says it is independent of its funders — Cuadrilla, Centrica, Total, Weir Group, Dow Chemicalà‚ and GDF Suez E&P UK.

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