The Australian city of Sydney has approved the ‘Trigeneration Master Plan’, under which the city aims to remove its dependence on coal-fired electricity and increase its self sufficiency in low-carbon energy supplies, including the building of several new trigeneration (heat, power and cooling) plants.
The plan will now go on public exhibition and the enabling actions will be progressed.
One of the enabling actions in the Trigeneration Master Plan is the Environmental Upgrade Agreements, which are designed to provide cheap finance and to overcome the split incentives for building local trigeneration plants between landlords and tenants.
Sydney will place a charge on properties that can be passed through to the tenant, who is guaranteed that the charge will be less than the financial savings brought about by the reduced energy bills.
The trigeneration plant tenders are due to be returned in January 2011.
It is expected that trigeneration plants, when combined with demand reduction measures, will provide approximately 70% of the electricity requirements for the city by 2030.
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