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Strategic development includes all business news, policy announcements, investments, mergers and acquisitions and market developments related to the strategic development of coal-fired power projects and the electricity generated from coal. News will cover plants and equipment including boilers, steam turbines, and flue gas cleaning systems. This explores coal as a fossil fuel with high emissions produced during combustion, as well as clean coal innovation.

Europe coal

COVID-19 pandemic may end coal in Europe 5 years earlier says...

Inflexible baseload coal will become part of Europe’s past more quickly than originally thought, with the pace of the transition being accelerated by more than five years, according to research by Wärtsilä Energy.

Spain’s remaining coal-fired plants likely to be phased out by 2025

Spain's lockdown saw renewables take center stage as the portion of coal in the electricity generation mix diminished significantly.
Poland coal

Poland to cease reliance on coal by 2060 as part of...

Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister has announced that the country will cease to rely on coal energy by 2060 at the latest.

Can coal remain relevant in a changing energy landscape?

A recent virtual discussion hosted by Enlit Asia and Indonesian Utility PT PLN, highlighted the critial role coal plays in the country’s energy mix for the foreseeable future.

Compensation vital for coal phase-out and just energy transition

Governments should be prepared to pay billions of pounds to operators of coal-fired power plants in agreements to shut down their plants early, a new paper published in Nature Climate Change today recommends.

Ed’s note: Mind the energy gap

The economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic presents policymakers with an unprecedented opportunity to put climate measures at the forefront of any stimulus package.

Enel unveils innovative plan to decommission coal plants

Enel unveils four contests for the design of modern and efficient power plants necessary for the decommissioning of coal plants.
germany coal

Germany passes 2038 coal exit law with compensation

Germany has passed legislation to end coal-fired power generation by 2038 at the latest and agreed on a shutdown schedule for individual lignite power plants.

German energy firms in legal bid to block EON and RWE...

Eleven German energy providers have launched a legal action to try to block the merger of RWE and E.ON.
Germany coal

‘Germany’s coal-powered days are over’ says energy federation

The days of coal-powered generation are over in Germany, thanks in part to the COVID-19 crisis, according to the country’s renewable energy federation, the Bundesverband Erneuerbare Energie (BEE).

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