Siemens wins digital fleet solution contract in India

Siemens has won a three-year order to connect Vedanta’s power plants in India. The digital solution being provided by the company will enable the power units to be linked critically to Vedanta’s monitoring station.

The Digital Fleet Center solution allows India’s leading natural resources conglomerate to connect its power plant assets at Talwandi Sabo supercritical coal-fired power plant (TSPL) in Punjab and Bharat Aluminum Company Limited (BALCO) in Chhattisgarh.

The solution will analyse huge amounts of fleet data for continuous monitoring and diagnostics of these assets, eventually reducing unplanned outages, optimising costs, improve efficiency and time-to-market for the industry.
Talwandi Sabo coal-fired power plant
Siemens did not disclose the value of the order.

Over the past years, Siemens’ remote diagnostic engineers have gathered data from thousands of machines across the globe. In the last year alone they have generated a large number of proactive notifications, 40 per cent of which avoided forced outages and 20 per cent transformed forced outages into planned activities.

Vedanta has 45 power units and through this solution, all of them will be connected to the central monitoring station,” Sunil Mathur, CEO, Siemens, India, told India’s Economic Times, adding that from now on digitalisation will be at the forefront of everything they do.

The company plans to eventually put all the data that they have on a central platform called Mindsphere.

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