The largest coal producer in the world and one of China’s largest electricity generators, Shenhua Group, has signed a cooperation and development deal with Greek investment group Copelouzos targeting the field of renewable energy.

The enterprise will aim at projects involving the upgrade of power plants in Greece and other countries, along with other activities under the green umbrella.
Shenhua Group
The total estimated investment amount is $3.2bn.

Dimitris Copelouzos, founder and President of Copelouzos Group, said: “Our Group believes in green energy and the prospects of Greece. We are confident that our cooperation with the Shenhua Group will act as a catalyst for the completion of major investments and will promote Greece’s energy industry with an emphasis on green energy and environmental upgrades of energy units. “

Copelouzos has built a number of energy projects in Greece, including wind parks and small hydroelectric plants.