The Bangladeshi government is planning to shift to coal as fuel for power generation by setting up seven coal-based plants with a total output of 4000 MW by 2014.

Currently the nation’s daily power demand of 7000 MW exceeds daily production by nearly 2000 MW.

The incumbent government targeted to hike power generation to 15000MW within 2016 immediately after taking over.

Deals have already been struck to set up 48 power plants to meet the target, of which, 17 are quick rental plants, three are rental, 10 are independent power producers and 18 are state-run.

As a result, around 2500 MW have been added to the national grid over the last three years, of which, 1581 MW is generation by 20 plants set up in this tenure and 825MW comes from power plants agreed on during the previous caretaker government.

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