RWE re-opens gas-fired power plants

RWE is de-mothballing another two of its gas-fired power plants in advance of the coming winter, while the outlook looks less positive for its coal-fired power fleet.

The company made the decision on the basis of improved generation margins and tightening supply in case of low wind, according to its transparency website.

Two 200 MW topping gas turbines at its Weisweiler power plant will be available to the market until further notice. This follows its decision in September to de-mothball its 355 MW Gersteinwerk-G gas-fired power plant for flexible operation this winter until the end of March.

In August, RWE delayed the planned mothballing its 430 MW gas-fired Moerdijk-2 power plant in the Netherlands by one year to the end of the first quarter of 2019.

At the same time the company has noted a decline in margins for its hard coal-fired facilities and the outlook doesn’t look much better for that sector with the prospective government partnership coming under pressure from the Green Party to shut down coal plants.

The German government has agreed to accept stricter limits onà‚ à¢€â€¹emissions of mercury, nitrogen oxide, and particulate matter proposed by the European Union. Meeting the new requirements will require extensive retrofitting of existing plants and some will have to be shut down in any case as they are too old to be brought into compliance.à‚ 

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