Report predicts $390bn spend on coal boilers

A new report predicts power generators will spend $390bn in 2013 for new coal fired boilers.

And it adds that the investment in new coal fired power plants in 2013 will exceed the investment in gas turbines and nuclear plants combined.

The direct costs of equipment will be $260bn while indirect costs will be $130bn, says US consultancy McIlvaine in its report, Fossil & Nuclear Power Generation: World Analysis & Forecast.

It states that there will be a mix of subcritical, supercritical and ultrasupercritical boilers. Most of the units installed by international suppliers will be ultrasupercritical and while the capital investment is somewhat higher in ultrasupercriticals, the savings in the size of the air pollution control equipment makes the cost differential relatively small.

Most of the units which will be installed will utilise wet cooling, says McIlvaine, however some units in China and elsewhere will install dry cooling systems.

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