A reduction in power demand and the growing influence of renewable energy has reduced Australian carbon emissions to a ten year low, according to a new report.

With coal-fired power slumping to its lowest output in a decade and the renewables sector taking a 12 per cent increase in overall generation within the National Electricity Market (NEM), research firm RepuTex says coal power has dropped to 74.8 per cent of the energy mix, down from 85 per cent in 2009.

Wind was at just half a per cent at the same point in time, but today it is at 3.8 per cent, hydro 8.7 per cent and gas at 12.7 per cent of the NEM.

“Renewables are basically cancelling out coal,” RepuTex executive director Hugh Grossman told AAP on Thursday.

Coal generation has been trending steadily downwards since the introduction of the carbon pricing mechanism last July, which has seen wholesale electricity prices nearly double.

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