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Power demand sees Australian coal units re-introduced

Two new coal-fired power generation units have been switched back on at Tarong power plant in Queensland, Australia following an increase in demand for coal-fired power in the state.

Power company Stanwell made the decision to reactivate the facilities and said it will hire 50 new employees at the power station’s feeder mine, Meandu, to cater for the extra workload. The units were shut down in late 2012 leading to the loss of 64 jobs.
Tarong power plant
Spokesman Jay Merritt says investment in the coal seam gas (CSG) industry is driving the increased demand for coal-fired power.

“We are expecting the Queensland wholesale electricity market to improve next year and that’s probably been driven by the Queensland coal seam gas industry,” he said, according to World Coal website.

“A couple of the major players in that field are bringing some units online later this year and we expect full operation next year will lead to a substantial increase in the demand for energy.

“The coal seam gas industry is 20 or 30 years plus and the players have invested many, many billions of dollars into those projects but we’re hoping to get some benefit from those demands but also manufacturing and retailing conditions if we can start to see an improvement in them well that also generally leads to an increase in energy demand as well.”

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