The Sri Lankan government has had to impose daily power cuts across the country following the latest failure of the country’s only coal-fired power plant, Lakvijaya in Norochcholai.
Lakvijaya coal-fired power plant
The failure of the $1.4bn, 900 MW plant resulted in 48 per cent of the island losing capacity. The plant, which has been in operation since 2011 saw all three units fail on Sunday and has forced the government to cut power for 1.5 hours per day at the present time.

The forced daily outage would have been more but for rainfall re-generating hydropower facilities. Drought has up to now severely impacted hydropower output.

The coal power plant has already suffered more than 20 break downs since it was commissioned in March 2011.

Most international businesses have their own backup generators, and it was not immediately clear how disruptive the current power cuts would be.