Poland draws fire over emissions request for unbuilt plants

Poland has been slammed for today asking the European Commission for free greenhouse gas emission allowances for 13 unbuilt power stations.

Under the EU emissions trading scheme, certain power plants in Central and Eastern Europe can receive free CO2 allocations provided that the plants in question were either in operation by the end of 2008 or their “investment process was physically initiated” by that date.

However a quintet of environmental groups ” ClientEarth, CAN-Europe, Greenpeace, WWF and the Polish Climate Coalition ” claim that neither criteria is met by Poland’s 13 plants, which are mostly coal fired, and is calling for the EC to reject the application.

Karla Hill of environmental lawyers ClientEarth said: “We can find no evidence that the 13 proposed new fossil-fuel power projects included in Poland’s application were in fact underway and physically initiated at the end of 2008. Therefore, these 13 projects must be knocked out of Poland’s derogation application à‚­or the EU ETS will risk incentivising new fossil fuel investment.”

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