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Poland announces intent to build nuclear plant

The Polish government is reviving plans to build a nuclear power plant in a bid to diversify its power mix away from coal.

“Currently the ministry is preparing a plan to construct the first nuclear unit of around 1 GW, which will be built in the next 10 years,” the ministry said in a staPolish flagtement.

“Modern and low-emission coal-fuelled power plants” will remain Poland‘s major source of energy, the ministry also said.

à‚  Poland, which generates most of its electricity from coal, initially launched the project in 2009 but it hit numerous delays due to falling power prices and Japan’s 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident, which drained public support.

Reuters reports that the government added that apart from Poland’s current five projects to build coal-fuelled generation units totalling at above 5 GW, Poland needs three more coal-based units for its energy security.

Poland’s installed power capacity amounts at around 40 GW, most of which in outdated coal-fired power plants.

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