PNM issues RFP for coal-fired plant’s catalytic reduction technology

Despite continuing to oppose a federal government decision requiring it, PNM Resources has issued a request for proposals for the installation of selective catalytic reduction technology at its coal-fired San Juan Generating Station in the US.

San Juan coal fired power station

The New Mexico electric utility is appealing the US Environmental Protection Agency’s decision calling SCR as the best available retrofit technology for the 1800 MW plant. EPA said the system could cut regional haze in national parks and wildlife areas near the plant.

“EPA’s five-year timeline for compliance means we must move forward on initial steps to install this technology even as we continue to make the case that we can meet the federal visibility standard for about one-tenth the cost to customers,” Pat Vincent-Collawn, PNM Resources chairman, president and CEO, said in a statement.

PNM estimates that installing SCRs at the plant will cost about $750m. The utility prefers installing selective non-catalytic reduction equipment, which it said would cost about $77m.

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