Pegasus Technologies and Alstom Power Customer Services China to market optimization system in China

DENVER, September 21, 2001 à‚– Pegasus Technologies has an exclusive agreement with Alstom Power Customer Services China for the Power Perfecter product.

“We are delighted to be chosen as the neural network software provider for combustion optimization for Alstom Power Customer Services in China,” said Gary Nicholson, CEO of Pegasus Technologies.

“After signing the memorandum of understanding with Pavilion earlier this year, we are now very happy to have signed the agreement with Pegasus,” said Bob Henderson, General Manager of Alstom Power Customer Services in China. “The Pegasus application knowledge, combined with the Power Perfecter product will allow us to deliver a superior solution to our clients in China.”

The agreement is expected to result in sales for two Power Perfecter units in 2001 and seven units in 2002. Installations are expected to increase the efficiency of the power plants reducing coal consumption and the output of NOx, and C02 emissions.

Alstom has the largest fleet of foreign manufactured installed equipment in China, whose Grid of 300,000MW is one of the largest in the world.

About Pegasus/KFX

Pegasus Technologies, Inc. is the industry leader in neural network based IT applications, for the power generation market. The NeuSIGHTà¢â€ž¢ and Power Perfecterà¢â€ž¢ suite of combustion optimization applications from Pegasus reduce emissions and increase efficiency of fossil fueled electric generating units. The Pegasus Technologies web site address is

Pegasus Technologies is majority-owned by KFx Inc. KFx provided total fuel solutions for the power industry. Its patented K-Fuelà‚® process converts low heating value coal into clean, high-energy fuel. KFx’s web site address is

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