Peabody Energy, China Huaneng Group, and Calera Corp. have agreed to pursue the development of a green coal energy campus in Inner Mongolia.

The energy project would include a 1,200 megawatt supercritical power plant that would capture a portion of carbon dioxide (CO2) and convert it into green building materials.

The plant would be fueled by a 12 million ton-per-year surface mine operated by Peabody and Huaneng will serve as the power plant operator.

California-based Calera brings its technology to convert CO2 into solid carbonates that can be used as building materials. Every ton of captured CO2 is expected to produce two tons of cement construction material, according to the release from Peabody.

Development of the project still requires permitting and regulatory approval. If approved, the power plant is expected to operate at least 30 years.

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