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All news, trends, markets, policy and legislation related to coal-fired power projects and the electricity generated from coal. News will cover the operations and maintenance of plants, including boilers, steam turbines, and flue gas cleaning systems. This explores coal as a fossil fuel with high emissions produced during combustion, as well as clean coal innovation.

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Why India’s industry is losing the energy transition race

Coal-dependent companies in India are falling behind as the world shifts to greener energy, posing broader risks to the fifth-largest economy.
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Asia Pacific: Renewables will be more cost-effective than coal by 2030

A new report states that the levelised cost of electricity for renewable energy will be cheaper compared to coal in the Asia Pacific by 2030.

‘History in the making’: how PLN is enabling Indonesia’s energy transition

Discover how Indonesian utility PLN is adapting to global changes in this exclusive interview with vice-president director Darmawan Prasodjo.
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Investment uncertainty and renewables top issues for Asia’s electric industry

Uncertainty of investments caused by a financial downturn and renewable energy are the two biggest concerns of Asia’s energy industry today.
Siemens Energy chief executive Christian Bruch

Siemens Energy announces immediate exit from new coal projects

Siemens Energy today announced that it was withdrawing from all new coal projects.

Ed’s note: Flipping the switch on innovation

The phrase ‘energy transition’ means different things to different people in different parts of the world.

Cambodia to reduce hydropower and develop coal and solar capacity

Cambodia has witnessed power shortages due to reduced hydropower generation owing to draughts and lower water levels in the dams.

Enel announces new 2030 gas emissions reduction target

Enel has committed to an 80% reduction in its direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per kWh by 2030, from a 2017 base-year.
Earth Charter

Ten key priorities to ensure a successful long-term energy transition

Siemens Energy has published the ten main priorities to ensure a successful long-term energy transformation.
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Renewables dominate as demand shows strong recovery across Europe

Across Europe, renewable power was the largest source of electricity generation for the sixth quarter in a row, as the easing of lockdown restrictions sparked an upturn in demand.

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