Tesla’s giant lithium-ion storage battery in Australia, reputed to be the world’s largest, has headed off a major power outage several weeks after coming online.

The 129 MWh Powerpack storage system is located near Jamestown in South Australia state, about 200 km north of Adelaide, and is connected to the 315 MW Hornsdale windfarm run by French energy company Neoen.

On 14 December, the system delivered 7.3 MW to the grid in a record-setting 0.14 seconds after a 560 MW unit at the 1 GW coal-fired Loy Yang power plant in neighbouring Victoria state experienced an unexpected trip and went offline.  

Backup power for Loy Yang is normally provided by the 1680 MW coal-fired Gladstone plant in Queensland, which takes between ten and 30 minutes to ramp up.

Tesla’s backup power system was switched on at the beginning of this month, winning CEO Elon Musk his bet that the firm would be able to deliver “100 MW in 100 days” or the system would be free.

Australia’s energy market operator has issued calls for the country’s power plant operators to undertake equipment checks after four major coal-fired plants experienced unexpected trips this month.