New technology promises to make coal cleaner

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 19, 2002 — As delays in cutting coal-fired power plant emissions are examined on Capitol Hill, lawmakers and the Bush Administration are reminded of a new solution that may be able to clean up the dirty problem at minimal cost to the coal industry.

The solution is a clean-coal technology called K-Fuel. Combined with software known as Pegasus, the K-Fuel process squeezes out pollutants and produces a cleaner coal. This “clean coal” dramatically reduces noxious emissions, making power plants more efficient and compliant with EPA standards.

Plants using the K-Fuel product can exceed President Bush’s goal of cutting mercury emissions by 69% in record time – K-Fuel technology has reduced mercury emissions up to 90%. “We have proven technology here,” said Ted Venners, CEO of KFx Inc. in Denver, CO., which developed the technology.

“Companies don’t have to get stuck with a massive price tag to retrofit their power plants to fall within EPA standards. Our clean coal technology can sweep up the problem without costly new scrubbers and other additions to their facilities.”

The K-Fuel process reduces SO2 and Nox emissions that exceed Phase 2 requirements of the Clean Air Act. The K-Fuel also maintains significant heat value (btu).

A recent report by Resource Data International, found K-Fuel contains so little mercury it falls below detection limits. The K-Fuel process, the report found, reduces mercury in coal by approximately 90%. K-Fuel on the web:

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