The Thai government believes a new coal-fired power plant to be constructed in Dawei will be mutually beneficial to both Thailand and Myanmar, and be particularly timely for Thailand‘s energy security.

The Thai News Agency reports that the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand’s (EGAT) governor Suthas Patmasiriwat acknowledged today that his agency has studied the new power plant project in Myanmar’s planned Dawei industrial estate zone and found that it should generate about 1800 MW of electricity and have a power transmission network connecting to Thailand’s power grid.

According to the EGAT governor, Thailand will buy excess power from Dawei and can also supply power to Dawei in case of local power disruption through the power grid connection.

The EGAT governor revealed that the new coal-fired power plant and its transmission network will cost about $3.2m and Myanmar has not yet revised its laws to facilitate investment in electricity generation.

Thailand is under pressure to address its energy security issues, as public oppositions have blocked the construction of new coal-fired power plants, resulting in the country’s power generation depending on liquefied natural gas (LNG), which should affect national competitiveness after the next five years.

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