New clean coal technology approved for US project

Hamon Research-Cottrell, a subsidiary of Hamon Corporation, has received full notice to proceed with the engineering, procurement and installation of a Regenerative Activated Coke Technology (ReACTà¢â€ž¢) system at the 321 MW Wisconsin Public Service Weston coal-fired power plant unit 3 in the US.

à‚ ReACTà¢â€ž¢ is an integrated multi-pollutant control technology that removes SO2, NOx and mercury from coal-fired plants by adsorption with activated coke to attain emission levels found at the best controlled coal-fired plants.

This system will reduce plant SO2 emissions by more than 90 per cent, mercury by 90 per cent or more, and NOx by more than 20 per cent.

This proven technology simultaneously controls multiple pollutants using only a fraction of the water that conventional wet scrubbers demand, while producing a saleable sulfuric acid by-product commonly used in the fertilizer, paper-making, and many other industries. HRC holds the license for the ReACTà¢â€ž¢ technology and provides innovative clean air technologies to a wide array of industries including power generation.

Engineering and procurement activities have already commenced and the project is expected to be completed and in-service by December 31st, 2016.

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