LONDON, England, Dec. 6, 2000—Energy and environmental broker Natsource Tullett-Europe, Ltd announced today the opening of its over-the-counter coal brokerage operation for Europe.

The brokerage operation, which will be based in London, England, is one of the first desks to cover this emerging commodity market.

New York-based Natsource(r) LLC, one of the partners of the Natsource-Tullett Europe Joint venture, was the first to broker over-the-counter coal trades in the United States. The company’s coal markets have doubled in volume year-over-year since its inception just over two years ago.

“The integration of all energy and environmental commodity markets in Europe has begun to occur, much like it has in the United States,” said Per-Otto Wold, managing director of Natsource-Tullett Europe.

“Natsource led the way in the United States bringing specific commodity brokerage expertise and the ability to manage risk across markets. European corporations, as well as other global companies with European operations, have the same risk exposures. Our coal brokerage desk joins desks devoted to electricity, natural gas, and environmental markets, enabling us to bring this experience to our European and global client base.”