Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd (MHPS) has signed a contract with Zhejiang Feida Environmental Science & Technology Co, Ltd (FEIDA), the largest manufacturer of electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) in China, under which the two companies will jointly establish a new company dedicated to environmental system business development.

More specifically, the joint venture company will offer comprehensive flue gas treatment solutions for the removal of PM2.5 particulate matter and other pollutants emitted by coal-fired power plants and other sources. After completing registration procedures, the new company plans to begin operating this autumn.
High-performance clean coal tech
The new company, tentatively named Zhejiang Feida MHPS High-Efficiency Flue Gas Cleaning Systems Engineering Co, Ltd, will be headquartered in Hangzhou, eastern China.

Utilizing high-performance environmental system technologies from its parent companies, the newly established joint venture will develop and market technologies and products in China aimed at the removal of airborne pollutants.

The equally-owned joint venture will be capitalized at $6.66m and will have about 40 employees at its inauguration. The company will be headed by an executive from MHPS.

In China, airborne PM2.5 particulates and other pollutants have been spreading, and have become a source of concern because of their potential to adversely affect human health.

China’s installed coal-fired power plant capacity, to which approximately 20 per cent of PM2.5 generation is said to be attributable, is about 750 GW and the country plans to increase its coal-fired power generation capacity by 50-60 GW annually. While there is a move to seek tightening of emissions regulations for coal-fired power plants to the level of natural gas-fired plants, the move has arisen only in a part of the nation’s coastal area. Under these circumstances, the Chinese government is strengthening emissions control rules, and widespread adoption of high-performance pollutant removal systems has become a matter of urgency.

MHPS owns technologies and products that can remove hazardous material from the flue gas emitted by coal-fired power plants, including flue gas denitrification (DeNOx) systems, gas gas heater systems (GGH), and desulfurization (DeSOx) systems. By combining these systems, a comprehensive solution for flue gas treatment can be provided. Most coal-fired power plants in Japan are already equipped with high-performance smoke dust removal systems, approximately 90 per cent of which are supplied by MHPS.

FEIDA is a major environmental system manufacturer in China. It has around a 40 per cent share of the Chinese ESP market and possesses various advanced technologies related to ESP. FEIDA posted about 33.1bn yen in sales in 2013, with 1700 employees. The company will contribute advanced low-temperature ESP technology to the joint venture.

Going forward, MHPS will fully support the new joint venture’s business development, and will strive to contribute to China’s efforts to address environmental issues by strengthening its relationship with FEIDA.