Germany plans to announce the phase out of its coal-fired power generation sector after the 2017 elections.

Bloomberg reported that a policy document intended for Chancellor Angela Merkel, stated thMerkel and Hendricksat the government should postpone firm decisions on shutting down the country’s coal power plants until after elections take place, as plans to do so are “politically controversial.”

The document was drafted by Merkel’s chancellery.

The country’s environment minister, Barbara Hendricks, previously stated that Germany would eliminate coal power by 2050.

The price of electricity for consumers could be a sensitive issue ahead of the federal elections as phasing out coal, which accounts for 44 per cent of Germany’s electricity, could drive up prices further.

Coal has benefited from nuclear being phased out of the German energy mix. Nuclear accounted for 17 per cent of electricity share in 2015 but all those plants are scheduled for shutdown by 2022.

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