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Japan’s Chugoku restarts 1000 MW coal fired unit

Chugoku Electric Power has resumed power generation from its 1000 MW Misumi 1 coal fired plant, following unplanned repair work necessitated by boiler problems, said the Japanese firm.

The restart will help Chugoku meet peak summer electricity demand. Chugoku now expects to have capacity of 13,350 MW in August, a 14.6 per cent margin over expected peak demand of 11,650 MW.

Chugoku said that it plans to provide up to 720 MW to assist Kansai Electric, which is struggling to meet peak summer demand, as only 4 of its 11 nuclear reactors are operating. Chugoku is currently supplying 570 MW to Kansai.

Taking into account power assistance to Kansai Electric, Chugoku expects to have a 8.4 per cent reserve margin to ensure it can maintain stable power supplies.

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