Italy announces coal phase out and increased impetus on EVs

The Italian government has announced a proposal to phase out coal-fired power plants by 2025.

The move follows similar decisions made by the UK, the Netherlands and Ireland among others.à‚ The Italian Industry Minister made the announcement on Tuesday presenting a consultation document on a new energy strategy.

“We have asked (grid company) Terna to identify the infrastructure needed,” Minister Carlo Calenda said in a parliamentary hearing on the document.

Reuters reports that Italy’s biggest utility Enel has already said it will not invest in new coal-fired power plants.

Minister Carlo Calenda
The new energy strategy, still under discussion, aims to reach the goal of 27 per cent of gross overall energy consumption from renewable power sources by 2030, the document showed.

The strategy, which should be approved by the government at the beginning of November, is also looking to speed up the introduction of vehicles powered by alternative fuels.

It aims to raise the number of electric vehicle charging stations to 19,000 by 2020.

Over a quarter of the 1,675 companies that owned or developed coal-fired power capacity since 2010 have entirely left the coal power business, according to new research from CoalSwarm and Greenpeace. This represents nearly 370 large coal-fired power plants – equivalent to nearly half a trillion US dollars in assets retired or not developed.

The research also shows that a total of 23 countries, states and cities will have either phased out coal-fired power plants or set a timeline to do so by 2030.

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