GE is supplying an integrated solution of critical, on-site power generation and water filtration equipment to an energy consortium that is building a water treatment plant for Australian coal seam gas explorer and producer QGC.

The project, at QGC’s Kenya production site near Chinchilla in Queensland, Australia, integrates GE’s Waukesha and Jenbacher gas engines for the first time. The engines will generate onsite power for GE’s advanced membrane and thermal water treatment technologies that are being installed to desalinate water produced during the extraction of coal seam gas.

The water treatment facility will have the capacity to treat up to 100 million litres per day so it can be used on farms, in industry and as town supply.

Coal seam gas, also known as coal bed methane, is a form of natural gas trapped in coal by water and ground pressure. The gas is released after a well is drilled and the water is pumped out. Using coal seam gas to generate electricity instead of coal can reduce greenhouse emissions by up to 70%.

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