Indonesian state-owned utility Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) formally launched operations at three new coal-fired power plants.

The 625 MW Banten 1 plant in Suralaya, Banten, a $478m project built by the China National Technical Import and Export Corp. and Indonesia’s state-owned Rekayasa Industri, is expected to consume 2.9 million metric tons of coal annually, with supplies coming from Kalimantan and Sumatra on a 20-year contract.

Java coal fired power plantThe $808.4m Banten 3 project in Lontar,   Banten, has a capacity of 3 x 315 MW and was built by a consortium that included Chinese power equipment giant Dongfang Electric Corp. and Dalle Energy.

The two Banten plants are expected to be supported by the completion of a transmission network connecting Labuan, Saketi, and Rangkas Bitung, three cities in Banten province. 

 In central Java, the government also started up two new 662-MW units at the existing  1320 MW Tanjung Jati B coal fired power plant.

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