Electricity from coal based plants in India fell during September, while generation from hydropower plants rose sharply.

In its monthly report, the country’s Central Electricity Authority attributed the coal drop to stock shortages, the use of poor quality and wet coal, delays in new units, and forced outages.

By contrast, generation from hydropower plants for the period from April to September grew by 22.59 per cent, compared with 7.80 per cent in 2010.

The planned thermal generation in September was 55,370 million units, while actual generation was 49,261 million units (88.9 pe rcent). Actual hydropower generation was 17,726 million units against a planned 12,747 million units due to increased inflows.

During September, the coal requirement was 31.5 million tonnes. However, only 24.9 million tonnes were delivered, resulting in 31 thermal power stations being reduced to critical coal stock situations.