India to add 24.5 GW of coal-fired power by 2017

India is set to add 24.5 GW of coal-fired power capacity by the end of March 2017, according to the nation’s Central Electricity Authority.

A report from the CEA issued last week detailed thermal power projects that have been commissioned or are under construction as of the beginning of February under the 12th Five-Year Plan. à‚ 

Under the Plan, over 47.8 GW of coal-fired power capacity has already been added, bringing India’s total installed power capacity to 288 GW.

Of this capacity, 201 GW is coal-fired, 5.8 GW is nuclear, 42.6 GW is hydropower and 39 GW is other renewables, including solar, wind and small hydro.

The report said an additional 55.6 GW of coal-fired power projects are also under construction, but are not included in the Plan’s targets. Some projects that have experienced difficulties, such as failure to receive environmental clearance, and may not come to fruition are also excluded from the total, the report noted.

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