Greenpeace mulls purchasing Vattenfall’s coal-fired power plants

Schwarze Pumpe

Greenpeace is considering the purchase of more than 8,000 MW of lignite coal-fired power plant capacity, along with coal mines in Germany.

The environmental group’s strategy is to prevent other interests from running the facilities and it is now looking at options to fund the purchases.
Schwarze Pumpe
The assets are valued at $2.2bn and Annika Jacobson, head of Greenpeace in Sweden told Bloomberg, “there are many ways to finance such an acquisition and we are looking at those.” Greenpeace ”may also look at the possibility of buying strategic parts,” she said.

The organization could finance a potential acquisition with donor money, crowd-funding and other sources of financing.

Sabine Froning, a spokeswoman for Vattenfall, said in an e-mailed statement, also to Bloomberg, on Tuesday. “All serious bids are welcome.” The process of finding a buyer will be “open,” she added.

The Nordic region’s largest utility is trying to adjust its portfolio of power plants to focus on renewable energy. All its lignite generation and mining assets in Germany will be included in the sale, such as the Boxberg, Jaenschwalde and Schwarze Pumpe power plants and corresponding mines.

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