In an attempt to recover lost ground on its greenhouse gas emissions targets, the German government is considering reducing some of its coal-fired power capacity.

That’s according to Green Party member Rainer Baake, a member of Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel’s team in Angela Merkel’s government.
Angela Merkel
According to Euractiv, Baake said the country was in danger of missing its 40 per cent carbon emission reduction target by in the region of five to eight per cent as it stands.

“It is our job to close this gap. It is my view that we will succeed. We are determined to do it,” he told reporters, adding “We are looking at whether it could be sensible to take a certain amount of coal power plant capacity out of the market and put it in a reserve. These decisions have not been made … The outcome is open.”

Coal made up 45 per cent of Germany’s power mix last year.

Earlier this month, Der Spiegel reported the government wanted to remove 10 GW of coal-fired power generation, equivalent to around two dozen small power plants.