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German Power producers to build four power plants

13 August 2002 – German power producers are building four new power plants with a total capacity of 2267 MW of power generation, according to figures published Monday by Germany’s producers’ association Verband der Elektrizitatswirtschaft
Baden-Wurttemberg (VDEW).

By 2003, these new power plants are to replace older ones, said VDEW. RWE Rheinbraun is to build a 965 MW brown coal plant, which is to come online in 2002. RWE Power is to build a 255 MW gas-fired plant which is to come online at the end of 2002. VEAG is building a pump storage plant with four reactors at 264 MW, to come online 2003. MVV of Mannheim is building a 20 MW biomass plant to start production in the middle of 2003.

In 2001, German generators switched off six hard coal plants with 1238 MW capacity, one brown coal power plant (280 MW) and one gas plant (56 MW). Germany has 112 000 MW of power plants on the grid.