German environment minister says more coal and gas plants must be built

Germany’s Environment Minister says the country will have to build more coal and gas fired power plants to ensure sufficient energy, despite its ambition to meet climate change obligations.

Peter Altmaier
Peter Altmaier,(pictured) speaking at the opening of RWE’s (FWB:à‚ RWE) new 2200 MW lignite fired power plant in Cologne, said Germany will require conventional fossil-fueled power plants for “decades to come” to complement unreliable and intermittent renewable energies such as wind and solar power, reports Fox Business.

Despite a boom in renewable energy, the German government is insistent that adequate backup power generation capacity must be maintained for residential and industrial requirements.

The minister also believes Cologne’s new plant can play a part in achieving climate change goals.

“If one builds a new state-of-the-art lignite power plant to replace several older and much less efficient plants, then I feel this should also be acknowledged as a contribution to our climate protection efforts,” Mr. Altmaier said.

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