In our inaugural PEi Google Hangout, Mike Bostan, Policy Officer at Euracoal tells Power Engineering International’s Diarmaid Williams how he sees the European and global power generation mix unfolding, from the perspective of the coal-fired power industry.

In a wide-ranging online discussion Mike spoke about the ongoing challenges to the coal-fired power industry, and why it will continue to be relevant into the future. He challenges the wisdom behind withdrawing finance for coal power projects. While he believes that making the world free of fossil fuelled power is ‘a noble cause’ he says in real terms the world needs to accept coal as part of the solution to the problem of reducing global emissions.

This interview is the first of a series involving other executives from the various generating sectors and what they envisage their power technology contributing to the global power mix into the future.

You can watch the hangout HERE on Google Plus or on YouTube
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