France turns to coal and gas-fired power

France demonstrated heavy reliance on coal and gas-fired power in October, according to data released from network operator on Monday.

Coal, gas and oil were deployed to a larger extent due to ASN, the country’s nuclear regulator, ordering 12 nuclear reactors to be temporarily shut down and checked for safety purposes and upgrades.

Nuclear power normally accounts for 75 per cent of the country’s electricity but nuclear power production fell 16 per cent in October from the same period a year ago while hydropower output tumbled a record 21 percent year-on-year to 3,096 gigawatt hour (GWh), its lowest level since 2009.

turned to coal, oil and gas to compensate for the shortfall, RTE said, pushing fossil fuel power generation up 37 per cent from a year earlier to 5,061 GWh.

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