19 November 2002 – The Electricity Corporation of Vietnam (EVN) is considering a project to build a 300 MW thermo-electric plant with gas-fuelled turbo-generators in the northern coastal province of Thai Binh, a company executive has said.

The power plant in Thai Thuy District would run on the local gas source, estimated at 100 million cubic metres a year, and provide additional electricity to the national grid. However, if the supply proves unsustainable, the plant will be built in Nghi Son District in Thanh Hoa Province, 44km south of Thai Binh.

EVN is expected to build an additional 37 power plants between now and in 2010 to meet the country’s rising electricity consumption, predicted to grow 15-17 per cent each year over the next decade. There will be 22 hydro-electric stations, eight gas or oil-fired plants and seven fuelled by coal.

The corporation estimates these new power sources, costing $19.1bn in total, will increase the national output from about 26.75bn kWh in 2000 to between 45 and 50bn kWh in 2005, and between 70 and 80bnkWh in 2010.