The European Turbine Network (ETN) believes recent developments in the EU’s power generation scene augur well for gas-fired power, but primarily in terms of re-starting mothballed facilities.

In Germany in particular, there has been more previously redundant gas-fired power plants restored back online, while a report from BDEW this week showed that gas power had risen 13 per cent in the first three quarters of 2017.
European Turbine Network
Noora Kilpinen, Communications Officer at ETN, told Power Engineering International, “In Europe there is a clear trend and push to phase out nuclear and coal power generation, and today we see that the highest emitting coal plants are already being decommissioned in order to comply with the Large Combustion Plants Directive. As a result, there is clearly a market that needs to be filled. Natural gas is the cleanest source of fossil fuel which can provide immediate support to intermittent renewable energy, and as a result of the lower price of gas, due to the higher amount of LNG in the market, we believe the increasing demand of gas that has started this year will continue.”

Recent job loss and power division cut announcements at Siemens and Uniper tell the tale of an overall decline in fortunes for gas power turbine developers, and Kilpinen does not foresee that changing just yet.

“There is already an overcapacity of gas turbines in the market. We don’t see that (gas power use rise) having a larger impact on the sales of gas turbines in the EU, but it’s rather bringing back assets already available in the market.”


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