ETN: Gas-fired power prediction ‘no surprise’

The European Turbine Network has welcomed the conclusions of this week’s International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook, which predicts a dominant period ahead for gas-fired power, along with renewables.

In a statement to Power Engineering International, the main representative group for the entire European gas turbine technology community said a relationship with renewables would prove complementary.
European Turbine Network
“The conclusion of the report is good news but it is not a surprise as natural gas operations already provide a perfect fit with intermittent renewable operations. A shift to natural gas operations from coal is the easiest way to drastically reduce emissions. Gas turbine technology is a proven and reliable technology that can, already today, provide significant contributions to global low emission pathway.”

The ETN added that in the context of the IEA’s predictions it is strategic to maintain and amplify efforts in the gas-fired power sector in terms of investment, research, innovation for this technology. Christer Bjàƒ¶rkqvist

In an emailed response to Power Engineering International, Christer Bjàƒ¶rkqvist, Managing Director of ETN elaborated, saying, “Within ETN, we are following up on the many future promising developing paths where gas turbine technology, with supportive R&D collaboration programmes and the right market incentives, could provide cost-efficient and secure integrated energy solutions for the future in line with the requirements of the Paris COP21 agreement.”

“The support of governments and the EU is essential in terms of funding for R&D and policy to create the right market incentives. In the short term, further emission reductions could be achieved through part load efficiency improvements and in the medium/long-term perspective, decarbonised solutions could be developed through the use of CO2 neutral fuels or by integration of CO2 capture technologies.”

Earlier this week, the head of Shell Netherlands said that while gas and renewables would be an ideal partnership, the renewables sector was as yet reluctant to engage in the partnership.

Speaking at the European Autumn Gas Conference, Marjan van Loon said, “The renewables industry is not that keen yet to be [partnered] to fossil fuels.”

Platts reports that the Shell chief commented that this is bound to change.

“If you look at the dynamics of renewables, quite quickly they will see that their systems will need gas to meet peak [demand]. They will see that electrical systems have their limits,” she said.

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