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Wood Group wins supply contract for chemical giant’s CHP plant

Dow Chemical Company has awarded a US$3.5 million contract to Wood Group GTS to supply advanced parts manufacture hot gas path components for their ABB GT11D5 gas turbine at its Plaquemine plant in Louisiana, US.

The international energy services company will provide spare parts including rotor and stator components for the gas turbine, which was installed in 1975 and is an essential source of steam and power for the petrochemical plant operation.

Wood Group GTS says it plans to provide specialist support from an engineering team to ensure in-service reliability and the availability of spare parts.

Dow Chemical’s Louisiana operation is one of the largest petrochemical facilities in the state.

John Smith, mechanical technologist leader of Dow Chemical, said “During the tender process Wood Group GTS demonstrated their depth of engineering knowledge and understanding of this turbine type.

“Based on their ability to meet our technical requirements and delivery performance criteria, we’re very pleased they offer Dow Chemical a genuine alternative to OEM parts.”

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